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  • Jefe Replay- “Sips Tea (Video)”

    I have been a fan of Jefe Replay’s chilled out cut “Sips Tea” since Boston tastemaking DJ Durkin tweeted about it back in October. The record has been making waves with those in the know on the New England scene since August—now that it’s got the video treatment it should find a much larger audience.

    Director James “JMP” Pereira includes cameos from local MCs like Michael Christmas, OG Swaggerdick, and Caliph. There’s swagged out scenes of highlight reel dunks on an 8 foot hoop, Jefe sporting an Aaron Hernandez jersey, and mobbing out in front of a mural in Roxbury.

    Jefe is arguably one of the most important rappers on Boston’s scene. He is indirectly responsible for one of The Bean’s biggest movements—he hipped Cousin Stizz to 2012’s 12 For 12 cypher series, which led to Stizz linking with Michael Christmas and Goodwin (detailed in this Noisey piece.). Between “Sips Tea” and his feature on Stizz’s “Talk,” most fans will make it their business to check for his upcoming Ask For Juan project.

    Two Impatient Celtics Fans Predict The 2015-2016 Season

    Tommy flipped the bird during his Hall of Fame acceptance speech (as a coach). But it really doubles as a message to all the NBA lottery teams who were unwilling to make a trade on draft night.

    Tommy, we feel you, bro. Middle finger to the writers who said the Celtics would stay stuck in the eighth seed. F-U to all the lethargic GMs who were not willing to make splashy swaps with the C’s. Celtics fans stayed patient for “fireworks” (quoting team owner Wyc Grousbeck), but the offseason moves looked more like firecrackers.

    This rebuild has been a grueling three year process filled with gruesome losses, despite the miracle surprise playoff surge in year two. The phrases, “Boston sports team” and “content with losing” DO NOT go hand-in-hand.1 Thankfully, somehow Brad Stevens has shown the ability to turn water into “Michael’s Secret Stuff,” so Boston is in a good place.

    Deep analytics suggest this team will be very good—like second place in the East good. Christian Williams and myself are not quite that optimistic, but think the C’s will see some improvement this year. Throughout our preview of The Celtics 2015-2016 Season, we will be guided by Ultimate Homer Heinsohn. Look out for Tommy’s points (see what I did there) sprinkled throughout the piece…

    Written by Jordan Martins & Christian Williams (of North of Boston Media Group).2 » Read the rest of this entry «

    1. The C’s lost a ton in the 90s and mid-2000s, but the Celtics remembered their championship pedigree and re-instated “Celtics Pride” upon raising Banner 17. It’s not too hard to remember those glory days when guys like Pierce and KG are still in the league. []
    2. C-Will blessed S&R with his byline again, but almost made me sweat it out like Tristan Thompson’s contract negotiations. []

    Beat Haus Radio Episode 35: Swindail

    Beat-Haus-Radio-Episode-35-SwindailEpisode 35 of Beat Haus Radio features Australian producer, Swindail. The Sydney beatsmith speaks to us about the scene down under, his plans to hit the States, and schools us on what he’s listening to. There’s also a set from longtime homie, Tha Yellow R Kel who drops cuts from Boston artists like Cousin Stizz and Black EL.

    Be sure to check for the podcast here on S&R weekly, it’s also available on I’ll keep a collection of all the shows in the Podcast Archive. An easy way to keep up is to follow Screens and Rhymes on Soundcloud. Enjoy the show, and you’ll find the tracklist below.

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    Tunji Ige- “Ball Is Life (Video)”

    Tunji Ige delivers one of my favorite cuts off of The Love Project in grandiose fashion. The Philly rapper/producer has been on a roll with the stylish visuals, and “Ball Is Life” continues the trend of impressive, cinematic offerings. The video was directed by the young spitter’s close collaborator and fellow Brain Bandits team member, Glassface (Josh Goldenberg).

    There’s a mixture of inspirations in play here, from classic Americana with the open road and motorcycle themes, to an opening quote from Bruce Lee philosophizing on water and his Jeet Kun Do technique. Phone notifications buzz throughout the piece, with clever usage of Ige’s logo instead of the iMessage symbol. The end of the video hints that this is the last one from The Love Project. But based off the record for Ige and his team—good things are in store soon. (Unlike his terrible Sixers.)

    PREVIOUS: Tunji Ige- “Dark Liquor“ x “No Harm Is Done“ (with Christine and the Queens) (Videos)
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    Beat Haus Radio Episode 34: EOM

    Beat-Haus-Radio-Episode-34-EoMWe showed plenty of love to the DMV region on Episode 34 of Beat Haus Radio. Repping for Maryland we have Cautious Clay on the intro set, and special guest, Virginia’s own, EOM. The interview with EOM was recorded in Baltimore as part of The Super Lit Summer Tour. The VA producer chops it up with us about winning a Juno award with Shad, linking with Blu, Chamillionaire jacking his beat, and beatmaking vs. producing.

    Be sure to check for the podcast here on S&R weekly, it’s also available on I’ll keep a collection of all the shows in the Podcast Archive. An easy way to keep up is to follow Screens and Rhymes on Soundcloud. Enjoy the show, and you’ll find the tracklist below.