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Screens and Rhymes

Screens—everything we see, how we learn about and interact with the world around us. Rhymes—music, art, the things that inspire us. The Internet is a vehicle to explore culture. Youth culture is intertwined with what’s online. (This post explains it all, like Clarissa. And this video is the abridged version.)

Screens and Rhymes the web project serves as Jordan Martins‘ creative engine. S&R serves as a home for Jordan’s writing (his forte), along with his other artistic pursuits like podcasting and radio shows, photography, art direction, and video work. Click around, he co-designed everything you see here with close friend, Michael Toney.

More on Jordan… 

Growing up with a TV in his room since the age of five, both “screens” and “rhymes” played a huge role in how Jordan Martins grew up—showing him more of the world than his humble beginnings in New Bedford, Mass. could offer. He’s now 26 and no longer owns a TV, but is eternally glued to his MacBook Pro, and has seen a lot more of the world up close and in-person. He currently resides in New York City, but is still connected to and proud to represent Boston and New England’s creative community.

Jordan has written for Complex Magazine, and had his on-camera interviews with artists like The Clipse, Big Sean, and Theophilus London featured on sites like nahright and 2dopeboyz. He’s one of the founders of Beat Haus Radio, and works closely with the Beat Haus team on live music events across the nation. Brands like Society Original Products and Annie Mulz have tapped him to aid with their online strategy, and he’s crafted copy for both musical and visual artists.

Screens and Rhymes helps Jordan share new stories, make new friends, and create cool things. Contact him via e-mail or on Twitter.