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  • Thaddeus Jeffries & YVNG PAVL- Best Music of 2014 Mix (About A Year Ago)

    Best-of-2014-Cover-Animated-TweakLike we always do about this time… Screens and Rhymes officially presents our year end best of music mix, About A Year Ago: Best Music of 2014. Last year I came together with DJs Thaddeus Jeffries and YVNG PAVL for our first collaboration, OOH KILL EM: Best of Rap 2013.

    Given the emergence of “future sound” and the amount of time we spent spelunking through the auditory wormhole that is Soundcloud—we decided to expand this year’s release to include all genres. As a team, we selected our favorite records of 2014, and the two DJs turned it into an amazing set of over 100 minutes of sonic bliss. Art direction was handled by myself in association with Michael Toney.

    This year’s edition is bigger and better, and is blessed with drops from dudes that I rock with and know personally like Lakim, Durkin, Black EL, Tunji Ige and Cousin Stizz. There’s also chopped up soundbites from viral videos and Vines sprinkled throughout the mix as Easter Eggs. Below you can stream the project, and check out the tracklist. Please enjoy the blend, and the new year. Feel free to share the mix, as well as good vibes.

    DOWNLOAD: Thaddeus Jeffries & YVNG PAVL- Best Music of 2014 Mix (About A Year Ago)


    Sidenote: Everything felt more grandiose about this year’s mix. Maybe because I built more chemistry with these guys being roommates over the summer. Maybe because we recorded it at Mmmmaven in Cambridge. Maybe it was all the all nighters I pulled. Maybe because we’re another year older, and are starting to make headway in making our side hustles and passions our main hustles and life’s work.1 Whatever it is, I think we topped last year, which I thought would be hard to do.

    1. We are all 25, or quickly approaching it. []