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  • Thaddeus Jeffries & Pfranchize- Best of Rap 2013 Mix (Ooh Kill Em)

    Screens and Rhymes officially presents, OOH KILL EM: Best of Rap 2013. It’s a collaboration between myself, and DJs Thaddeus Jeffries and Pfranchize. We all selected our favorite rap records of 2013, the two DJs turned it into an excellent mix, and I went to work on the artwork and some special drops.

    Please enjoy the blend, and the new year. You can stream and/or download below, and I’ve also included the full conceptual write-up and tracklist. Creating cool things with friends is how I’m bringing in 2014, and it’s something I hope to continue.

    DOWNLOAD: Thaddeus Jeffries & Pfranchize- Best of Rap 2013 Mix (Ooh Kill Em)

    Best-of-Rap-2013-Tracklist2013. *Sigh.* We were promised The Jetsons. But what we really got is an era of online over-sharing, talking more over URL than IRL, and “15 seconds of fame” really translating to struggle rappers spamming you with putrid songs over social media. Despite the leather overkill, and thousands of references to molly and Miley, it was a pretty healthy year for rap music.

    Just like older brands came back this year (see: Carhartt, Dr. Martens, DADA for Drizzy) older rap acts were a big part of the conversation (i.e. Jay-Z, Eminem, Ma$e, and Killer Mike/El-P as Run The Jewels). But new guys like Chance The Rapper, Travis Scott, and Casey Veggies made major moves and major noise this year. Both crops of artists are represented on this comprehensive compilation of the past 365 days of hip-hop. That’s 62 minutes, and 34 songs from musicians ranging from ages 20 to 44. Presented by DJs Thaddeus Jeffries and Pfranchize, who partnered with Jordan Martins of, to put together an elite blend of eclectic rap selections from the past 12 months.

    Lastly… about that “OOH KILL EM” thing. We’re not here to exploit and/or capitalize off of young Terio’s image (unlike every adult in his life). So all proceeds from the (imaginary) TERIO watch sales and from this (completely free) mix will go to the Return Terio to School Fund. Please pray for that boy.

    PS: Happy New Year. If 2013 didn’t go how you wanted, just relax. “YOU AIN’T GOT THE ANSWERS, MAN!” None of us do. Here’s to a prosperous 2014.