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  • Nigo Announces End of Career with A Bathing Ape

    Nigo-Done-with-A-Bathing-ApeSaturday morning, Nigo, creator of A Bathing Ape, announced via social media (Instagram and Facebook), that he was no longer involved with the influential clothing and lifestyle brand. This ends one of the greatest runs streetwear culture has ever seen. Chinese company I.T Limited has owned BAPE since January 2011, but Nigo was still involved as creative director up until April 30, 2013. Nigo’s comments on leaving the Japanese streetwear titan:

    “This brings to a close my 20 years of work creating and designing A Bathing Ape. From now on I will continue to work as a freelance creator in many different fields. I thank you in anticipation of your continued support. BAPE GENERAL NIGO® (1993-2013)”

    A number of notables in streetwear left comments on Instagram, like Bobby Hundreds (of The Hundreds) who responded with, “Thank you.” Along with loads of fans expressing their condolences for the end of an era. I’m happy I own some BAPE of my own, before things change for the company.