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  • Celtics 2016-2017 Season Wrap-Up

    Celtics-2016-2017-Season-RecapTFW when you’re already the #1 Seed in the East, add an additional All-Star to your squad, and notice your biggest Conference rival imploding.

    Danny Ainge and the Celtics front office weren’t the only ones busy this summer. All summer I was clearing room, moving around content and assets in Google Docs like Danny clearing cap space. For Christian Williams and myself, this was by far our hardest season wrap-up to write. Not only because of how long the post-season stretched—with the C’s reaching the Eastern Conference Finals for the first time since 2012—but also the lightning-quick pace of the NBA offseason news.

    We spent months debating on how to cover the team, and added, cut and re-arranged so many different parts of the piece. It seemed like Danny annihilated our analysis every week. Celts get the #1 pick. C-Will: “Go Fultz or go home!” Trader Danny: “Pickswap. Say hi to Jayson Tatum.” Jordan: “How are the C’s gonna handle the backcourt dilemma?” Ainge: “Done. Peace, Avery Bradley!”

    The C’s have made moves to help close the gap between themselves and the Eastern Conference Champion Cleveland Cavaliers. As currently constituted, they are still a notch below Cleveland, but with the potential for Kyrie Irving’s departure, that could all change soon. One thing is for sure—change was the only constant for The Celtics this summer. Read on for the 2016-2017 Celtics Season Wrap-Up, where Jordan and Christian team up to breakdown a transformative year for Boston.

    Written by Jordan Martins & Christian Williams (of The LA Times) » Read the rest of this entry «

    Christian Williams On How The Celtics Should Navigate Draft Night

    Christian-Williams-Celtics-Draft-DayEditor’s note (JM): This entire post is just an excuse to use Christian’s LA Times pic, because he glo’d up and now works for the LA Times. Congrats mane.

    Given the rapid pace of the Pre-Draft NBA news cycle, and how quickly things have changed for the C’s, Jordan Martins and Christian Williams are still marinating their 2016-2017 Celtics Season Wrap Up. As an appetizer, C Will is giving you his thoughts on how Boston should navigate Draft Night.

    Written by Christian Williams (of The LA Times), footnotes by Jordan Martins.

    Many Celtics fans have felt that this is finally the year that we’ve all been waiting for. The coolers are stocked, the grills are flaming hot, and all we’re waiting for now to kick this summer off are the fireworks that General Manager Danny Ainge has promised us year after year.

    Just two weeks ago Bostonians had every reason to rejoice and even be a little bit cocky. Sure, the team got ousted in an extremely uncompetitive Eastern Conference Finals, but within the very same series, the C’s earned the right to the first overall pick in the draft. Talk about a consolation prize. With that being said, it seemed all but written in stone that the highly touted Markelle Fultz was destined to suit up next to his fellow Washington alumni Isaiah Thomas next season. On paper it seemed like the perfect fit. A guard with size and shooting ability, but most importantly the ability to create his own shot off the dribble.

    Outside of Thomas, the Celtics lacked another player that could take over the game outside of a set jump shot, so the marriage seemed God sent. Of course, Bostonians can never really be comfortable with conventional wisdom with Ainge at the helm, because when most GM’s zig, he zags in the most unpredictable way. He swapped the first overall pick to the Philadelphia 76ers for their third pick and future first rounders via the Lakers (2018, if it falls within 2-5 range) or Kings (2019, unprotected). » Read the rest of this entry «

    Thaddeus Jeffries x Screens And Rhymes – Thanks Obama Mix

    Thanks-Obama-Artwork-Cover-Screens-And-Rhymes-Thaddeus-JeffriesScreens and Rhymes officially presents our mix, “Thanks Obama,” commemorating 8 years in office for President Barack Obama. This is the fourth collaboration between me and DJ Thaddeus Jeffries. We compiled 42 tracks based on the 44th President’s eclectic music taste—including some of his favorite songs from the Presidential playlists, artists that visited the White House, and the film Southside With You. Art direction was handled by myself in association with Michael Toney.

    President Obama is undisputedly the greatest pop culture President of all time. He brought SXSW to the White House lawn, and fostered an environment for a more inclusive and artist-friendly 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Thanks Obama.

    In honor of Black History Month, Thanks Obama features a blend of African-American music genres (funk, soul, hip-hop, R&B, jazz). We mix the contemporary with the classic: everyone from Beyonce, Nas and Young Jeezy are represented, to Nina Simone, John Coltrane, James Brown, Aretha Franklin, Marvin Gaye and The O’Jays. We built a special web experience to help send Obama off properly. Stream via Mixcloud, download, and check the tracklist below. Obama out.

    DOWNLOAD: Thaddeus Jeffries x Screens And Rhymes- Thanks Obama Mix

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    Jordan Martins’ Favorites Of 2016

    Jordan-Martins-Best-of-2016Happy 2016! We are now celebrating 2017, but I wanted to reflect on my favorite parts of 2016. There were a ton of amazing experiences I had last year, so it was pretty tough narrowing things down to one selection. Both Screens (movies, apps, viral moments) and Rhymes (favorite: song, album, music video) are well represented. I also keep it pretty personal, with some individual highlights included as well. Check below for the comprehensive list and let me know in the comments how much you agree with my taste and/or how I completely suck at life. » Read the rest of this entry «

    Two Optimistic Celtics Fans Predict The 2016-2017 Season

    al-horford-boston-celticsAl Horford gave Celtics fans reason to smile this past summer.

    The Boston Celtics open their 2016-2017 season October 26th against the Brooklyn Nets. Both Jordan Martins and Christian Williams couldn’t be more excited (for the C’s chances and the #NetsPick watch alert!). This year we’re two Celtics fans who have shifted from impatient to optimistic. Although general manager Danny Ainge didn’t knock it out of the park by nabbing prize free agent Kevin Durant, he added serious talent to the roster with the acquisition of Al Horford and drafting Jaylen Brown. Boston’s moves this summer were not the grand finale fireworks owner Wyc Grousbeck once promised, but we are definitely satisfied.

    Despite all of Ainge’s additions to the team, the biggest change may be the added expectations around this Celtics squad. This post-rebuild group of Celtics have real expectations for the first time ever. It’s not enough to simply make the playoffs anymore. Many fans would be disappointed if the C’s fail to make the Eastern Conference Finals this year. Jordan Martins and Christian Williams are optimistic about how this will all shake out. Continue on for our preview of the upcoming season, complete with a breakdown of an insane draft (6 picks!), free agency (Hamptons! Tom Brady! First big time free agent!), and, of course, predictions on how this year will pan out (Don’t sleep on us Cleveland!).

    Written by Jordan Martins & Christian Williams. Illustration by Hannah Lee. » Read the rest of this entry «